Download Slides from 2017’s Expert Seminar in Mainz (Germany)

1 4th Conference and roadshow: Workshop in Mainz PPTX
2 Process and information management for sustainable project development PPTX

Download Slides from 2016’s Expert Seminar in Tampere (Finland)

1 Project Overview PPTX/PDF
2 Holistic Design Methodology PPTX/PDF
3 Scenario Manager PPTX/PDF
4 Multi Criteria Decision Making PPTX/PDF

Download Videos from 2016’s Expert Seminar in Tampere (Finland)

1 Scenario Manager Change BPMN WMV Movie (8MB)
2 Scenario Manager Requirements WMV Movie (14MB)
3 Scenario Manager Messaging WMV Movie (4MB)
4 Multimodel Navigator AVI Movie (23MB)
5 LCC LCA MP4 Movie (16MB)
6 Sensitivity Analysis MP4 Movie (42MB)
7 KPI Analysis MP4 Movie (79MB)
8 DV Analysis MP4 Movie (46MB)

Download Webinar Slides 2015

1 Overview eeEmbedded PPTX
2 eeE R&D edges PPTX
3 Scenario Manager and Multi-Model Navigator PPTX
4 Modeling Energy Net Infrastructure, Energy simulations & stochastics PPTX
5 LCC, LCA & Return on Investments Analysis PPTX
6 Templating PPTX