VoCamp – Energy measurement data in municipalities

Event Details

On the 22nd and 23th of April 2015 the “VoCamp – Energy measurement data in municipalities” took place in Vienna. The event was organized and supported by FP7 project Ready4SmartCities. The VoCamp was focused on how municipalities can represent their data about energy measurement in order to publish it online (e.g., as open data). The interest to this question arises from the expected benefits such as the ability to easily reuse these data by third parties or to link them to other relevant data for further processing (e.g., building information models, climate, occupancy).

The goal of the VoCamp was to obtain a common ontology that can be used by municipalities to represent their energy measurement data in order to publish such data online as Linked Data.

The event was of a practical nature. A set of energy measurement datasets were selected and, dividing participants into groups, we defined vocabularies that can be used to represent such datasets. Work has been started from a seed vocabulary and the idea was to end the VoCamp with a common vocabulary that can be used by the different datasets.