Design Lab for energy – efficient buildings embedded in their neighbourhood (EU R&D eeEmbedded) In early February a 3-day workshop including all partners was held at Stuttgart. The main objective of this workshop was to arrange and adopt a full conceptual structure of eeEmbedded based on the workflows. Like the workshop held in Basel, domain […]

The event builds on the successful “ICT for Sustainable Places” conference held in Nice in September 2013. Sustainable Places 2014 will focus on energy efficiency at building, neighborhood, district and city levels. It will cover research and innovation projects and initiatives across the construction value chain. This open research forum will be a key opportunity […]

The European Conference on Product & Process Modelling (ECPPM) is an important conference for information exchange between academia and industry. Researchers, scientists and industry practitioners submit papers addressing every aspect of product and process modelling technology and innovations in Information and Communication Technologies for the AEC/FM industry in agreement with, but not limited to, main […]

The third coordination workshop took place at the premises of STRABAG AG in Vienna (Austria). The main goal of the meeting was to discuss all functional requirements with regard to the architecture components as well as to take decisions about the eeE system architecture and their (new) components. Moreover, other goal was to take the […]

The second working group meeting took place on the 12th and the 13th of May, 2014 in Munich (Germany). The technical goals of the workshop were: • Agreement on the content of D1.1. • Discussion on the process maps of eeB method, the exchange requirements, the Levels of Information and the templates. All of them […]

Design Lab for energy – efficient buildings embedded in their neighbourhood (EU R&D eeEmbedded) An intensive 3-day workshop with 35 participants from design, construction, software, consultancy companies and research institutes was organised by BAM, TUD and SAR in Basel. The objective was to visualize and create a shared view on the eeEmbedded project scope, the […]

2013/11/29: The first coordination workshop took place at the office of BAM in Amsterdam. Separated into the tree working groups, the end users, energy and IT experts came together for individual brainstorming sessions. All partners committed to their tasks and the corresponding assignment to the working packages.

2013/10/14: Day one of the eeEmbedded kick-off meeting began with the partners introducing themselves and their working fields. The coordinator Prof. Scherer gave a comprehensive project overview before the day ended with a discussion regarding administrational decisions. 2013/10/15: At day two the working plan for the first 9 months was scheduled. This includes the decision […]