Lake Constance eeE 5D Conference – 1st expert seminar

Event Details

On 4th and 5th of May 2015, Lake Constance 5D Conference 2015 “From Strategy to Implementation – bringing 5D to the heart of construction” took place. The Conference brought together an important group of BIM experts coming mainly from software and construction companies, universities and research institutes. The current research and development state of BIM were presented from different perspectives such as planner, construction, owner and facility management. Our project eeEmbedded had the opportunity to present two papers within the headline “From Theory to Practice”:

• BIM-based Virtual Design Laboratory for energy-efficient embedded buildings by Marie-Christine Geissler and Wilfred van Woudenberg , BAM.
• Energy-Efficient BIM Lab by Prof. Raimar J. Scherer, Dr. Peter Katranuschkov, Romy Guruz, Technical University Dresden.

In addition, CEMOSA (as Dissemination Manager) with the support of TU Dresden (Project coordinator) and BAM organized the 1st eeEmbedded Expert Seminar within the framework of Interactive Labs provided in Lake Constance 5D Conference 2015 with the collaboration of Nemetscheck, Fraunhofer EAS, Granlund, RIB and IAB. This environment was a good opportunity to:

• Get feedback/reflection from design & construction experts.
• Prioritize the most demanded functionalities.
• Do an initial exploitation test to identify which type of end-users would be interested in using eeE Virtual Lab

The first eeEmbedded expert seminar was organised around videos, posters presentations, and oral presentations. The latter were organized in 3 sessions covering the different stakeholders’ interests on: 1) Overview of the eeEmbedded project (to show the main concept), 2) Design Methodology (oriented towards end users) and 3) Platform Architecture (oriented towards software developers). Besides, questionnaires were distributed among the attendees to collect feedback.