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We are half way and have results to share!
Optimised design methodologies for energy-efficient buildings
integrated in the neighbourhood energy systems

Topics Speakers Dates
Overview eeEmbedded Marie Geissler, Wilfred v Woudenberg BAM
Gloria Calleja Rodríguez, CEMOSA
Oct 14th 12:00
Oct 21st 12:00
Get an overview of the eeEmbedded project objectives and how the collaborative design methodology results in energy-efficient buildings integrated in neighbourhood energy system.
eeE R&D edges Peter Katranuschkov TUD, Klaus Linhard IABI,
Arne Tøn EPM
Oct 26th 12:00
Nov 9th 12:00
Get an overview of the R&D highlights and the way BIM works for energy efficient design, and discuss the system architecture and our new eeEmbedded concepts.
Scenario Manager and
Multi-Model Navigator
Mathias Kadolsky TUD, Raimund Zellner ALLPLAN
Ken Baumgaertel TUD, Eduard Mrazek ALLPLAN
Oct 19th 12:00
Nov 2nd 12:00
See our BIM-based integrated platform with the capability to setup and track the processes to ease collaboration of multidisciplinary teams, interoperability of design goals and cost-effective selection of energy efficient alternatives.
Modeling Energy Net Infrastructure,
Energy simulations & stochastics
Pit Stenzel, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS
Jens Kaiser, TUD-IET
Oct 20th 12:00
Nov 3rd 12:00
Hear an introduction of an approach to model energy systems, processing several types of energy simulations within different design steps taking into consideration several uncertainties affecting the energy usage.
LCC, LCA & Return on Investments
Wolfgang Müller, RIB
Amrita Sukumar, RIB
Oct 21st 11:00
Nov 4th 12:00
Get an insight on how we use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) within the eeEmbedded framework and how we make sustainable investment decisions.
Templating Kenneth Solvik, DDS
Raphael Schaer, Sauter
Oct 22nd 11:00
Nov 5th 12:00
Get informed about the possible interaction between HVAC and BACS in an early planning phase and discuss the current status and the envisaged final solution.
Multi–Criteria Decision Support Francisco Forns-Samso, Granlund
Tuomas Laine, Granlund
Oct 23rd 12:00
Nov 6th 12:00
Learn about the decision making application for evaluation and comparison of alternatives based on key performance indicators and a Decision Values (DVs).

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