EEEmbedded expert seminar at the BuildingSMART event in Mainz (8th of May 2017)

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The eeEmbedded project organised an expert seminar at the BuildingSMART event the 8th of May 2017 in Mainz.
The presentation by OPB highlighted the strong need for early design variants. Based on that need BAM provided an overview of the whole eeEmbedded process supported by the Scenario Manager and the huge benefits for the BIM Management.
RIB explained the technical solutions and TUD the current research challenges and solutions.

Feedback from the audience “That is what we exactly need” , “when will the eeE Virtual Lab be available for projects to use?”
Especially the creation, management and evaluation of variants as well as the process and information management is what the audience is looking for. There is a strong need for early collaboration between designers and contractors and for good catalogues to compare early variants.

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